Key School Staff

Key members of staff at Rainhill High School. A document containing details of every member of staff at the school is also available to download on this page.

Senior Leadership Team & Senior Staff

  • Josie Thorogood, Headteacher
  • Rob Owens, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tony Cunningham, Deputy Headteacher
  • Linsay Munro, Deputy Headteacher
  • Wendy Segal, Deputy Headteacher
  • Peter Roberts, Assistant Headteacher
  • Louise Aylward, Assistant Headteacher
  • David Hemsley, Director of Sixth Form

Senior Staff

  • James Rimmer Head of Mathematics
  • Claire Dickman Head of English
  • Kate Robinson Head of Science

Heads of Faculties & Departments

Curriculum Teams


  • Peter Roberts, Executive Head of Mathematics
  • James Rimmer, Head of Faculty


  • Claire Dickman, Head of Faculty


  • Kate Robinson, Head of Faculty
  • Lyndsey Gordon, Head of Biology
  • Mike Beswick, Head of Chemistry
  • Paul Hurst, Head of Physics
  • Nicola Hesketh, Head of KS3 Science


  • Joanne Parkinson, Head of Faculty, Head of Geography
  • Daniel Proctor, Head of History & Politics


  • Cherry Bryant, Head of Citizenship


  • Laura Johnson, Head of Faculty

Modern Languages

  • Erica D'Anna, Head of Faculty, Head of Spanish
  • Carmel Grace, Head of German

Social Sciences

  • Paul Jarvis, Head of Social Sciences Faculty
  • Rachel Evans, Head of Philosophy and Ethics

Art and Design Technology

  • Anthony Bennett, Head of Faculty and Visual Art
  • Sharon Bolland, Head of Food

Performing Arts

  • Sophie Renison, Head of Performing Arts and Drama

Physical Education

  • Yacine Rachi, Head of Faculty

LFC Rainhill Staff

  • Nicola Ericson, Lead Tutor

Lead Practitioners

  • Jane Marshall, Senior Lead Practitioner

Additional Needs

  • Danielle Parry, SENCO
  • Natalie Barton, Learning Support Co-ordinator

Pastoral Staff

Personalised Learning Centre Co-ordinator

  • Rupert Shoebridge

Key Stage Progress Leaders

  • Matthew Giles, Key Stage Leader
  • Michael Wood, Key Stage Leader

Year Progress Leaders

  • Michael Wood, Year 7
  • Joanne West, Year 8
  • Rupert Shoebridge, Year 9
  • Beth Williams, Year 10
  • Matt Giles, Year 11

Year Student Managers

  • Jenna Pilkington, Year 7 Student Manager
  • Fiona Seddon, Year 8 Student Manager
  • Lily Martin, Year 9 Student Manager
  • Natalie Gordon, Year 10 Student Manager
  • Victoria Quirk, Year 11 Student Manager
  • Angela Healey, Safeguarding Officer

Support Staff

Senior Support Staff

  • Rob Owens, Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Kearns, Academy Business Manager
  • Loraine Potter, PA to SLT & Clerk to Trustees
  • Ben Simpson, Marketing & Administration Manager
  • Alison Mawdsley, HR Manager
  • Marc Khanna, ICT Network Manager
  • Pam King, Data and Assessment Analyst
  • Andy Lownsbrough, Site Manager

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