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Ethos & Values

Our students are at the heart of everything we do. We expect the highest standards for them. We expect them to work hard and we expect them to be good citizens. Most of all we want them to be happy.

We are proud of how we nurture our students from entry in year 7 through their GCSEs, A levels and on to university. We are proud of our students' achievements in examinations and the quality of relationships we have with them.

We are not however, arrogant or complacent. We want to be the best comprehensive school in the North West and have come a long way to realising this ambition. We intend to continue this hard work and innovate to succeed.

Stephenson Trust - Multi Academy Trust Values Statement

  • To operate as a genuine comprehensive school, which respects, values and provides opportunities for all students regardless of background or ability.
  • To enable all students to progress beyond their school experience as responsible citizens; who are polite and courteous; with high moral values and aspirations; and are equipped to make a positive contribution to working world, to life and to society.
  • To provide a safe and healthy place of learning for all students and staff.
  • To be a positive and enabling employer which recognises that staff are our greatest asset.
  • To match the minimum requirements of the STPCD.
  • To aim to be the school of choice in the community, by being over-subscribed and full at Y7 and that the Sixth Form is the preferred choice for Y11 leavers.
  • For Rainhill to seek to be judged to be outstanding in all aspects of its work, including the effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching learning and assessment, personal development behaviour and welfare, outcomes for Pupils and effective 16-19 programmes.
  • To be financially robust and employs best value in all its purchases.
  • To employ independent external moderation of quality and processes.
  • To operate on a not for profit basis.
  • Expects all students, staff and governors to operate within the values of its mission statement – ‘Reach for the sky at Rainhill High’.
  • To take a leading role in the development of the Rainhill Learning Village Multi Academy Trust and in identifying and developing those relationships with other schools who wish to join the Trust. To be a respectful and supportive to all of its partner schools.
  • To be a good neighbour and make a positive contribution to the immediate locale.

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