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Virtual Open Evening

Open Evenings 2021

Our Open Evenings this year will be returning to normal, with two events on consecutive evenings; Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th September 2021. The information below was posted when the evenings had to be held virtually due to national lockdown and social distancing restrictions, but still gives a good insight into the school for potential stakeholders.

Virtual Open Evening 2020

A view of Rainhill High School for Students and Parents. View the facilities, meet the students and the staff of Rainhill High School.

Virtual Open Evening 2020

A view of Rainhill High School for Parents. View the facilities, meet the students and the staff in this in-depth video of Rainhill High School.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I secure a place at Rainhill High School?

You need to put Rainhill on your application to be considered. With only approximately 185 children in our designated feeders, there is significant opportunity to get your child into the school, even if they do not attend a ‘feeder’. The borough you live in, whether it is in St Helens, Knowsley, Liverpool, Halton or Warrington, makes no difference to your application.

Our entry criteria into Year 7 are as follows:

1. Those children in public care or with a SEN statement.

2. Children in our Primary feeder schools – Eccleston Lane Ends, Longton Lane, Nutgrove, Oakdene and St Ann’s.

3. Children, who in September 2020, will have a brother or sister in Rainhill High (Year 7-11).

4. Distance from your house to school - as a straight line.


The curriculum at Rainhill is broad and balanced and follows the National Curriculum. All children, regardless of starting point, need to follow a broad and balanced curriculum. The school starts KS4 from Y10 and offers a range of academic and vocational courses as appropriate. The KS3 and KS4 curriculum lays firm foundations for post 16 education, training or employment.

The Most Able

Rainhill has a number of academic and enrichment activities targeted at the most able students alongside normal class teaching. This includes experiences at Russell Group Universities but also the Science and Arts Academy programme of activities. The opportunity to work with older students (including Rainhill Sixth Scholars) aims to broaden horizons and experiences. A number of our students have talents and participate in prestigious national and international competitions. The school has a link tutor who helps students to balance the demands of school with their commitments outside of school.

Special Needs

A team of Learning Support Assistants is led by an experienced SENCO, Mrs Danielle Parry and provides support according to need. The team are experts in offering the correct support to students and their parents where there are academic or social difficulties. We work closely with the relevant local authority and primary to ensure a seamless transition process and to secure funding where appropriate.

The Raising Achievement Centre offers a haven for a number of children for small group learning but also at break and lunchtimes. In addition, we have a literacy and numeracy intervention programme to support those who need it. These are staffed by specialists in these fields.

Extended Learning

Homework is set regularly in line with the homework timetable. Students and parents are able to see what has been set through the ‘Show My Homework’ software and App.


Information Evenings

At the start of the year, each Year group has a ‘Welcome to Year’ evening. The aim is to provide age specific advice and information to parents and gives the opportunity for you to raise any issues with the Year Progress Leader at the start of the year.

Weekly updates/news

The school’s website is the main source of information, advice and guidance about all aspects of school. We also have a parents’ newsletter, which is emailed each week to parents, a copy is also placed on the school’s website. Hard copies of the parents’ newsletter are available upon re- quest.

My child’s progress

Each year parents receive three school reports and are invited to attend a parents evening. There is an opportunity to speak with your child’s teachers about progress to date.


All students are required to participate in PE every week and to have the correct kit. There is a huge range of sports on offer for both boys and girls at every level. We want everyone to participate in physical activity and understand the importance of staying active and healthy. In addition to lessons, there are sporting trips and activities including Duke of Edinburgh and the National Citizen Service.


We believe that it is important to recognize the positive things that children do. House points are collected for effort, achievement and participation and contribute the total House point score. In addition, we use postcards of praise, subject and team badges as well as the ‘Achiever of the Month’ celebration assemblies and certificates to recognise good work and representing your House or school.


Hot and cold food is available at both break and lunchtime or students can bring a packed lunch. We have a breakfast club that serves food from 8am each morning and a shop where food can be bought at the end of the day.


We take the issue of bullying seriously at our school. All children have a right to be safe and happy at school and all allegations of bullying are investigated by the Year team. When identified, we deal with it quickly and will inform you as parents of the issue.

E-safety is an issue for all children and too often can be the starting point for bullying. We will help and support all parents with the correct advice and guidance needed to ensure online safety. We ask that you take an active interest in your child’s internet use and ensure that they do so responsibly. If we have concerns about e-safety we will contact you and reserve the right to ask your child to leave their phone at home.


The school is clear about the importance of maximum attendance and the link to progress. We do not authorise holidays in term time and you may be subject to the Education Welfare Service should you do so.

Mobile Phones

The school has a no mobile phone policy. We appreciate that some students need them due to travel arrangements. The school requires all mobile devices to be switched off and not seen from entry to exit.


A range of bus services, which coincide with our school day timings, operate throughout the local area to provide transport to and from Rainhill High School and Rainhill Sixth.


Liverpool Football Club and Fowler Education Football Academy have chosen to partner with the school because of its strong track record of academic success. Any student accessing education at Rainhill High School is in addition to the normal pupil admission number and therefore our partnerships do not affect the ability of local children to access the school.

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