Policies & Procedures | Rainhill High School

Policies & Procedures


Accessibility Plan

Admission Policy

Allegations of abuse against Staff

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy Addendum

Care & Control Policy

Careers Education Policy

Charging Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy – Addendum Covid 19.

Children with health needs who cannot attend school

Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure

Critical Incidents Policy

Data Protection Policy

Designated Teacher Policy

DIS First Policy

Document Retention Policy

Drugs Policy


E-Safety Policy

Early Entry Policy

Equality Policy

Equality Information and Objectives

Exclusion of Pupils

Freedom of Information Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Home School Agreements

Homework Policy


ICT Acceptable Use

Intimate Care Policy

Investment Policy

Literacy Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Mobile Phone Policy


Post 16 Bursary Policy

Privacy Notice

Register of Pupils

Searching, Screening & Confiscation

Sex & Relationships Education

SEN Policy

Staff Charter

Students ICT acceptable use


Use of Reasonable Force Policy

Vexatious Complaints

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