Bad Weather | Rainhill High School

Bad Weather

If overnight snow or rain falls are so heavy as to seriously disrupt traffic or cause journeys to be dangerous, or we have an unexpected problem with the school’s heating or water supply it may be necessary to close the school.

Where possible we will always aim to keep the school open, however the decision to close or remain open is often complicated as we have to take into account so many unknowns.

If however a decision is made to close the school, please consider the following points:

  • Listen to WISH 102.4FM who will provide regular updates regarding school closures
  • We will update messages on the school’s website
  • We will update messages on the school’s telephone system
  • A text message will be sent out to all parent/carer contacts

Where possible we will have a member of staff available to answer your questions on the phone, however please consider this as a last resort.

Please ensure that your mobile contact details are up to date with the school to ensure that you receive the text messages that we send out.

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