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Music Technology

If you are interested in Music Technology there are many careers opportunities available to you, not all of them have to involve you performing on stage in-front of thousands of adorning fans, although this is always a possibility - there are other (more realistic) options also available. Here are just some small examples of the possibilities:

Producer: A producer is almost like the musical equivalent of a movie director - often working with a band or artist to shape the overall style of a recording. Producers will have often worked their way up the recording ladder.

Sound Engineer: A sound engineer can either be studio or live based. The recording studio sound engineer will work together with the producer to shape the style of the recording, but will have little or no input into the musical arrangement, instead concentrating on the overall recording quality and sound. A live sound engineer will again concentrate on the overall sound, but will have total control tone and volume in the live music scenario.

DJ/Remixer: DJs and Remixers will often work alone - using decks to seemlessly merge existing songs together and computers (and other technology) to combine elements of famous tracks to create new sounds and grooves.

Programmer: A programmer will be hired by a producer to create synthesizer sounds and sequences for a client in the recording studio. Depending on the type of music involved, the programmer can sometimes be the only musician involved in the backing track.

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