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Medical photography - There are different sectors with in medical photography you can either go into plastic surgery photography, dentistry, neurosurgery and pathology. The plastic surgeon photographer will take photographs for the plastic surgeon before the surgery and after when the patient has recovered, this showing the patient the dramatic change to how they want to look.

Fashion photography - This is ever growing in popularity as the interest in fashion rises. To take up fashion photography as a career you must make sure you have the right interests and qualifications below are some examples of requirements you may need:

  • Firstly you should have a genuine interest in fashion as it is important for the photographer to feel passionate about what they are shooting, if you don't then it will show in the final image.
  • You must have good people skills as it's important for you to be able to make the model feel at ease so they can perform to their best potential. It's also good for you to be able to explain your directions to people in a clear manner as you need to be able to get the model into the position you need for your shot.
  • The glamorous lifestyle associated with fashion photography is not without its share of hard work you need to be prepared to work any hours for long periods of time and in some cases work with very stressful people.

Commercial and industrial photographers capture images used for books, advertisements, catalogs, and wide media. They take pictures of a wide variety of objects and subjects, including models, landscapes, buildings, and merchandise. An industrial photographer might take pictures of machinery, workers, and other products that can be useful to workers in analyzing, public relations, and business strategies. Industrial photography takes place at the site of its use.

News Photographers may be required to work in a dangerous environment when they have to cover events such as natural disasters, accidents, or military or civil conflicts. Photographers should have physical stamina in carrying equipment large distances at times. News photographers can have short, heavy deadlines to meet.

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