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Social Sciences

Social science (Business, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Law) graduates are more likely to be in paid employment than arts or science graduates, according to analysis of official data.

They are also more likely to be in managerial or senior roles, says a Campaign for Social Science study.

Some 84.2% of social science graduates were employed three years after graduating, compared with 79% of arts and humanities graduates and 78% of graduates with science degrees, the figures suggest. (source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

The figures showed that 7.6% of social science graduates in employment were classed as managers and senior officials, compared with 3.6% of those with science degrees and 6.2% of those with arts and humanities backgrounds.

The analysis found more than 70% of social science graduates were in professional or associated technical occupations, while some 7% worked in finance and insurance.

Social science degrees encourage skills of analysis, interpretation and communication, which employers need. The report shows that employers in the public and private sectors are queuing up to hire social science graduates.

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